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Supplementary information for

Haensch and Schmidt Specimens

Content:  When trying to resolve some locality information for type specimens that I photographed at DEI I did some research on Haensch's specimens. For want of a better place to save this data I saved it as supplementary data. I found some useful information from the following source: Racheli, T. and Racheli, L. (2003) An Annotated Check List of Ecuadorian Nymphalidae. Part II. Libytheinae, Danainae, Ithomiinae (Lepidoptera). Fragmenta entomologica, Roma. 35 (2): 139-274. This checklist states that Haensch along with Schmidt collected in Ecuador between 1899-1900. It goes into some detail about the sites they collected from and references Haensch's papers. A number of specimens collected by Haensch are types and further locality information may be gained from checking this paper and references mentioned.

Source of information:  Livermore, L. 2014. Miscellaneous supplementary taxonomic notes.

Date last modified:  Wednesday, March 26, 2014

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