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Supplementary information for

Synonymy in Moulet 1995

Content:  synonymy (=nugax, mexicanus, robustus, monilis, quinquespinosus (sic, error for quinquepunctatus Goeze, 1778), Stenocephalus ferganensis Horváth, 1787, Stenocephalus crassicornis Horváth, 1887, Stenocephalus femoralis Reuter, 1888, Stenocephalus agilis var. femoralis Noualhier, 1893, Stenocephalus agilis var. femoratus Puton, 1899, Dicranocephalus brevinotum Lindberg, 1935, Dicranocephalus moralesi Wagner, 1950, Dicranocephalus africanus Stichel, 1959, Dicranocephalus agilis litoralis Linnavuori, 1960, Stenocephalus alticolus L-Y. Zheng, 1981, Dicranocephalus ganziensis Ren, 1990)

Source of information:  [Source not recorded]

Date last modified:  Saturday, October 14, 2017

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