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List of specimens identified as species Anoplocnemis curvipes (Fabricius, 1781)


   Kind of typeFull locality
  syntype of species Anoplocnemis curvipes (Fabricius, 1781)Africa: Tropical Africa
  syntype of synonym Coreus heteropus Latreille, 1827Northeast Tropical Africa, Sudan
  syntype of synonym Myctis apicalis Westwood, 1842West Tropical Africa, Gambia
  syntype of synonym Cerbus fuliginosus Klug, 1842West Tropical Africa, Senegal
  syntype of synonym Mictis gracilis Dallas, 1852West Tropical Africa, Sierre Leone
  syntype of synonym Mictis libyssa Dallas, 1852West-Central Tropical Africa, Congo
  syntype of synonym Mictis bohemani Stål, 1855Southern Africa, KwaZulu-Natal: Natal
7 specimens listed

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